Studies in Social Justice

Studies in Social Justice publishes articles on issues dealing with the social, cultural, economic, political, and philosophical problems associated with struggles for social justice. This interdisciplinary journal aims to publish work that links theory to social change and the analysis of substantive issues. The journal welcomes heterodox contributions that are critical of established paradigms of inquiry.

The journal focuses on debates that move beyond conventional notions of social justice, and views social justice as a critical concept that is integral in the analysis of policy formation, rights, participation, social movements, and transformations. Social justice is analysed in the context of processes involving nationalism, social and public policy, globalization, diasporas, culture, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, welfare, poverty, war, and other social phenomena. It endeavours to cover questions and debates ranging from governance to democracy, sustainable environments, and human rights, and to introduce new work on pressing issues of social justice throughout the world.

ISSN: 1911-4788

Vol 8, No 2 (2014): Austerity, Labour, and Social Mobilizations: Rebuilding Trade Union and Working Class Politics

Table of Contents


Austerity, Labour, and Social Mobilizations: Rebuilding Trade Union and Working Class Politics PDF
Carlo Fanelli, Peter Brogan 113-117

Thematic Articles

Toronto Civic Workers Bargaining Without a Base: The Significance of 2012 PDF
Carlo Fanelli 119-143
Getting to the CORE of the Chicago Teachers’ Union Transformation PDF
Peter Brogan 145-164
Social Movement Literature and U.S. Labour: A Reassessment PDF
Keith Mann 165-179
Domesticating Social Justice Activism in the Global Era? The Process of Reconfiguring the Czech Social Justice Movement in Times of Crisis PDF
Jiri Navratil 181-205


Food Desertification: Situating Choice and Class Relations within an Urban Political Economy of Declining Food Access PDF
Melanie Bedore 207-228