Finding the Sweet Spot: Network Structures and Processes for Increased Knowledge Mobilization

Patricia Briscoe, Katina Pollock, Carol Campbell, Shasta Carr-Harris


The use of networks in public education is one of a number of knowledge mobilization (KMb) strategies utilized to promote evidence-based research into practice. However, challenges exist in the ability to effectively mobilizing knowledge through external partnership networks. The purpose of this paper is to further explore how networks work. Data was collected from virtual discussions for an interim report for a province-wide government initiative. A secondary analysis of the data was performed. The findings present network structures and processes that partners were engaged in when building a network within education. The implications of this study show that building a network for successful outcomes is complex and metaphorically similar to finding the “sweet spot.” It is challenging but networks that used strategies to align structures and processes proved to achieve more success in mobilizing research to practice.


Networking, knowledge mobilization (KMb), network structure, network processes, network alignment, education.

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